Performing Arts

Clarkson Primary's Performing Arts Program brings more than just lessons in the classroom to our students. Aside from engaging and exciting lessons in drama, music and dance, our program also offers many performance opportunities and extra-curricular performance groups! Students perform fortnightly in community songs and choreographed dances at assemblies. This allows everybody to take part, have fun, practise their skills in singing and dancing, and leave our assemblies with a smile on their face!

After school choir welcomes students from Years 2 to 6 to come and sing in a safe and like-minded environment. We rehearse for in school performances, such as ANZAC Assemblies and Graduation, but also for events at local business such as Bunnings, and larger scale events such as West Coast Song Fest. Students rehearse weekly practising more detailed skills in singing and performance. Our before school performance group focus' on preparing for the Western Australian Government School Music Society 'Schools Make Music' Concert Series, which sees us perform on the grand theatre stage of Crown Casino. Know as 'Crown' around the school, this before school song and dance group rehearses twice weekly at 8am, learning not only singing, but also dance, acting and performance skills!

2015 showcased our very first school musical, performed by our amazing Year 5 and 6 students! Our students rehearse during lessons, learning everything from script reading and acting, to stage layouts and prop making. Our main characters rehearse after school once a week as well, to make sure they are fully prepared for our big night in Term 4 this year! One of our school's favourite performances of the year is our end of year concert! Each year our school comes together in one final whole school performance that showcases every single star in our school! And finally, our graduation is our last performance of the year. Graduating students come together for one last performance before graduating and saying goodbye to their primary years.

Clarkson Primary School is buzzing with performances at any one point in the year! Feel free to follow our community pages and come and see us perform some time!


In the art room at Clarkson Primary School every student gets to experience a wide range of learning experiences. The students learn about art through a wide and varied program and are encouraged to be creative and resourceful. Art at Clarkson Primary School is not just about drawing. In the art room we also paint, create collages, sculpt with clay and draw with a wide of variety of media like charcoal, oil pastels and chalk.

Art is also something we learn to appreciate by studying art and famous artists from around the world. Indigenous art is an important part of the work we do in the art room and every year the classes explore and create visual artworks and designs based on the art of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

Clarkson Primary School is also able to offer a weekly art club for the older students where they can come and develop their art skills even further and have the time to explore and work on longer and more involved projects like mosaics and silk screen printing.