Clarkson Primary School an Independent Public School
Maximising each child's development

Welcome to Clarkson Primary School. Situated in Perth's northern corridor our school provides a warm welcome to students and the community who visit and participate in the development and growth of our future adult community.

Set in terraced Tuart tree lined walkways and manicured grounds our classrooms and learning areas provide students a positive and stimulating environment in which to grow.

Our focus is on identifying the individual strengths within each child and to provide them a curriculum within a safe and supportive working environment that can provide them with the tools to reach their full potential. We understand that not every child is the same and that children have their own goals, their own dreams and more importantly their own abilities that will see them become the individuals that form part of our future community. In doing so our dedicated team of academic and community based practitioners work with the individual that is your child.

The school is flourishing under the leadership of its' principal Anthony Shields (Tony to all that know him). Tony has brought with him a raft of skills and experiences including 17 years in a wide range of education fields and areas such as business management, accommodation and hospitality. It is his experience and understanding of people that has assisted him in bringing together a team of dedicated specialists, from his teaching staff to administrative personnel and members of the community working with students on a range of learning and life skill development programs.

Schools have traditionally been seen as one size fits all and whilst that may be occurring elsewhere, we are confident the results that our students are achieving are proving that our methodology and beliefs are working.

Our logo (a Tuart Tree) is representative of our children. Like a tall tree, its start in life is dependent on its ability to set down strong roots that will see it grow tall and thrive. In the same way we see our role is one of the most crucial in a person's life. By establishing a solid base of learning and building confidence in a child we know we provide that person with the best opportunity to approach life with an attitude of potential achievement and be resilient to the challenges life will present.

The process starts with the introduction of early years intervention learning programs developed and implemented by our team and strategic partners from Edith Cowan University, Ngala, our school Psychologist and a Speech Pathologist. Evidence has shown that implementing the right early start childhood learning programs from the outset has created students with the ability and desire to learn.

The success of our programs have been achieved with the active participation of our community, from involved parents and seniors, to interested and committed local businesses and trades.

We welcome members of our business community that are looking to participate in the future growth and development of their community. With donations of products and services to the training of students in manual skills, each child has the opportunity to participate in a range of activities suited to their academic and personal capabilities.

Our school provides a wide range of activities available for students and the community.

They include:

  • Junior Technology Club
  • Coding Club
  • Support A Reader
  • Early Start (3yr old Kindy)
  • Behavioural Incentive program (our OWLS Awards program)

With a welcoming country school feeling in a city based suburb, Clarkson Primary School can provide your child with a warm, safe and exciting learning environment. We encourage you to come and visit us and see for yourself just what makes us so unique. We are confident that we are creating the future members of a productive and inclusive community. 

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