Clarkson Primary School an Independent Public School
Maximising each child's development

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Welcome to Clarkson Primary School. Situated in Perth's northern corridor our school provides a warm welcome to students and the community who visit and participate in the development and growth of our future adult community.

Set in terraced Tuart tree lined walkways and manicured grounds our classrooms and learning areas provide students a positive and stimulating environment in which to grow.

Our focus is on identifying the individual strengths within each child and to provide them a curriculum within a safe and supportive working environment that can provide them with the tools to reach their full potential. We understand that not every child is the same and that children have their own goals, their own dreams and more importantly their own abilities that will see them become the individuals that form part of our future community. In doing so our dedicated team of academic and community based practitioners work with the individual that is your child.

The school is flourishing under the leadership of its' principal Sarah Chaloner. Sarah began her teaching career in the 1990's in the Wheatbelt and have taught across various schools in the Perth Metropolitan area.  Having been in School Leadership in schools in the Northern Coastal Corridor for over a decade, I understand our school community and it's needs. As a proud Wiradjuri woman, living on Noongar Country, I am passionate to embed Aboriginal learning, language and 'ways' into schools and celebrate our rich and diverse culture.  It is an honour to lead the amazing school community of Clarkson Primary School!


Connect is the primary communication tool Clarkson Primary School uses to keep families informed. It is an integrated online environment developed by the Department of Education for staff, students and parents in public schools. It is essential that parents log in online or alternatively download the Connect Now app.

Details to access Connect include a login (P-Number) and password which is emailed by the school following enrolment. If you have any issues logging into Connect, please fee free to contact the school.

Connect allows families to: 

  • Communicate easily with teachers
  • Stay informed about school activities and events
  • Securely access your child’s learning assessments and feedback
  • Engage in your child’s learning anytime, anywhere and on any device

 Our School Newsletter can also be viewed through the secure platform of Connect.

 Login to Connect at or download the Connect Now app.