Parents and Citizens Association

What is the P&C?

The Parents and Citizens Association is a group of pro-active and friendly parents, staff and community members all working together for a common goal; to provide the best facilities and opportunities to all students at Clarkson Primary School and to foster a welcoming, community feel for all who enter our school. The P&C is affiliated with the Western Australian Council of State School Associations (WACSSO), and is an incorporated body expected to work under particular organisational structure.

What does the P&C do?

The Clarkson Primary School P&C Association is a vital part of the support for parents and carers within the school and development of the school community. Not just a fundraising body, the P&C work hard to plan and execute friendly, social events helping to build the positive image of our school and the involvement of all students. In the past, the P&C have provided the school with such things as Honour Boards in the office, our Electronic Information Board at the front gate, garden beds for students use and various everyday needs around the school like clean sand for the sandpits. The members of the P&C have a mutual interest in developing understandings around healthy eating, positive social interactions and care for our environment. 

If you would like further information please visit the P&C Clarkson Primary School Facebook Page.