Parents and Citizens Association

2018 P&C Committee

President: Jasmine Sainsbury

Vice-President: Tara Logie/Megan La Bourdonnec

Treasurer: Jodi Broughton

Secretary: Jade Morrison

Executive Committee Members

Tanya Price

Serena Roberts

Rachel O'Connor

Manja Schachenmayr

Hailey Shepherd


Year 6 Committee

Convener: Danielle Gardner

Secretary: Megan Bourdonnec 


ECO Team

Convener: Lara Edwards

Secretary: Tammy King

P&C Meetings

Meetings of the P&C Association are held twice a term, in Week 2 and Week 7. The meetings are a great way to find out more about what is happening within the school community and to contribute to its success. Interested people and fresh ideas are always welcome, and new members are able to join at any meeting with the contribution of $1.


P&C Minutes 18/06/2018 

P&C Minutes 14/03/2018



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Looking back to 2016

During 2016, the P&C financially supported many projects around the school.


The undercover area underwent a major revamp during 2016, which just contributes to the high standards of performances that take place there in front of our supportive school community. The P&C contributed funds to purchase the new projector, which was installed by the school. The P&C also contributed to the cost of the black curtains at the back of the stage, surrounding the screen, which adds a fantastic, professional look to the whole area.

As the P&C and school are constantly trying to communicate in as many ways as possible with the school community, it was suggested that a school noticeboard could add to this communication. The P&C purchased the noticeboard, which was installed on the back wall of the Administration block, facing the undercover area.

The P&C were able to contribute to the school’s two year canteen refurbishment program.  In 2016 the canteen had new stainless steel benches installed and wall and ceiling re-plastering.  The P&C were able to support the school by repainting the canteen to add the finishing touches.  The P&C will be initiating action to get the canteen operational and available to support school programs such as community gardening projects.

Clarkson has pride in its performances, both within school and to the broader public. The P&C contributed funds towards the purchase of drums for the drumbeat music program and costumes for the annual ‘Crown’ performance.

Due to an increase in the number of volunteers for the Support-a-Reader program, it has grown to be able to cater for more students.  As this is such an important and successful program within the school, the P&C donated a substantial amount of money for books to benefit the student’s literacy.

With the creation of the Eco Team, a sub-committee of the P&C, the school has developed a greater level of sustainability and environmental awareness. The P&C purchased the prizes for the activities used to promote the National Recycling Week.

The P&C helped to support the Kindy Sports Day, and donated the money raised to go towards books for the children at the end of the year.

The school’s court upgrade program commenced in 2014.  With the help of Tammy King (from Grants Empire), a grant was successfully secured to help towards the total cost of resurfacing both the single and double sports courts. The P&C also contributed some funds towards the cost of this project and the courts look fantastic!

At the end of 2016, the P&C was lucky enough to secure a partnership with Ray White Leading Edge in Clarkson. Ray White Leading Edge are very keen to get more involved in the local community and Clarkson Primary School are very excited to have their support in many events planned for 2017.

The P&C also endeavors to create and support as many community events as possible within the school, as it is our sense of community that creates our school family. Coffee Club mornings, support of Book Week, World Teacher’s Day and the free entry to the end of year disco are just some examples of this.


What is the P&C?

The Parents and Citizens Association is a group of pro-active and friendly parents, staff and community members all working together for a common goal; to provide the best facilities and opportunities to all students at Clarkson Primary School and to foster a welcoming, community feel for all who enter our school. The P&C is affiliated with the Western Australian Council of State School Associations (WACSSO), and is an incorporated body expected to work under particular organisational structure.

What does the P&C do?

The Clarkson Primary School P&C Association is a vital part of the support for parents and carers within the school and development of the school community. Not just a fundraising body, the P&C work hard to plan and execute friendly, social events helping to build the positive image of our school and the involvement of all students. In the past, the P&C have provided the school with such things as Honour Boards in the office, our Electronic Information Board at the front gate, garden beds for students use and various everyday needs around the school like clean sand for the sandpits.
The members of the P&C have a mutual interest in developing understandings around healthy eating, positive social interactions and care for our environment.